You've noticed that you aren't getting your Present Play E-mails? 🤔 Here's what to do...

Step 1:

The most common solution is checking your SPAM and/or Promotion folders for messages from us. Check in your Spam first to see if your missing email is there. If it is - hooray! Be sure to mark as 'not junk' for the future.

Step 2:

If your email isn't in your SPAM and/or Promotion folders, or if our mail is consistently being sent there - then you will want to 'whitelist' our email address to stop your email provider from filtering out our messages.

Not sure how to do that? No Problem - we've got you covered.
Tutorial on how to 'whitelist' The Parenting Junkie in Outlook/Hotmail

Tutorial on how to 'whitelist' The Parenting Junkie in Gmail

Using a different E-mail Provider? Go ahead and google how to whitelist emails for your situation.

After 'whitelisting', please Contact us letting us know so that we can re-send you your most recent email to ensure messages are coming through again smoothly

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